Welcome and Thank you for visiting faemist soul transformation coaching site.  I'm Marta alias Mistifae. I hope to guide you towards your  most authentic and best version of yourself on this journey called Life. When we feel supported by All that Is, and by others on the journey, magic and miracles happen.

     So, what's up with mist, and fae?

We are multi-faceted, multidimensional beings with a soul which is our eternal being travelling in and our of time and dimensions. With each physical incarnation, we receive a body elemental, who, to summarize, is the link between the body and soul. This B.E. has been with us from the beginning, the same  one for forever. So, I am Marta Bukowski, Lady and Mistress (lady, mistress is the meaning of " Marta") of the Beech Tree dwellers (Buko =beech tree in Polish), 3rd generation Polish-American, my genetic-incarnational line and I'm Mistifae, fairy of the mists which also connects my libran sun sign, air element,  and alchemizes with my cancer ascendant, water element to make mist.  You could say I "identify" as both :) and this briefly explains why the title of this site and coaching approach.

   My mission is to be a support in raising consciousness through service to others via what is offered on this site. My offerings are a compilation of what I'm passionate about: spirituality, astrology, psychology, creativity, singing, music, teaching, writing, regeneration, maternity, children, nature and alchemizing life's challenges into blessings. The other part of my mission is to assist in reconnecting humanity with the forgotten relm, the elemental relm through nature and matter, our feminine energy whether incarnated as a male or female.

    You might say:  "What if I don't believe in Spirit, soul, fairies and this "woo-woo" stuff, and just want to be coached, can any of your offerings do that too?" Of course, Remember we're multifaceted. There's just straightforward coaching, kids coaching, sacred singlehood, English language training,  lyrical collaboration possibilities and that is why there's a free half hour to figure out how to match your needs with my offerings. This allows you to know if there is a resonnance or not. The only real prerequisate is you know you're ready and committed to change, a dose of curiosity would be useful too ;) One of my offerings may resonate with you immediately, so you don't need the free orientation. In that case, I ask  you to commit, at least,  to the minimum number of  sessions. 

     For more about my background, training, and what I call my medecine bag, please see My Bio below. Please see Essentials for more details about the site. I look forward to being of service to you.


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My Bio and My "Medecine Bag" of wounded healer energy and alchemized life experience

The below info should give you a good idea about who I am and my educational background. Please also checkout the blogs which will fill-in some details bit by bit. 


Diplomas Certificates Trainings

BA French Davidson Collge 1991

Steiner  Teacher Training Certificates/Master of Science in Education (Pedagogy Steiner) 2000.


 Where are the Parents” (Certificate Attendance) White Plains, NY

The Responsive Classroom, Northeast Foundation for Children

Parents, Teachers, Children Together (CA Nov 1998)

Working from the Heart (CA Nov 17-19 2000)

Infant Toddler Conference, (CA 2001)

Understanding Infants/Toddlers putting love into deeds through respectful care

Childhood At Risk: Childhood in the New Millenium perceiving and meeting needs of Today’s Children

Exploring New Direction of Our Work the Bodily care of the young child

Bradley Method Childbirth Preparation (Chestnutridge, NY)

Birthing and Belly Dancing


Brain Gym/ Kinesiology (Pau, France 2005-2006)

Doula Training by Michel Odent (Toulouse, France)

Findhorn Floral Essences (summer 2007, Colmar, France)

Sacred Geometry and Esoteric Spirituality (gerometry) (South West/East, France)

Shamanic Tantrism (Jean-Michel Rioux, Var, France)

Edible Plants

Belly Dance Trainings (multiple teachers, 6 years)

Chindai- Values- Movement based on French approach (Toulouse, 2013?)

Non Violent communication-Confronting Disempowerment (2013-2014, Rodez, France)

Four Winds Light Body School Shamanic Energy Medecine Course (Jan-July 2019) Certified

Certified International NLP Professional Coach (Fall 2019)

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach (Dec 2019)

Certified: Soul Mediumship Akashic Records (April 2020)

Certificate of Completion: Fairies, Light Sources Training (May 2020)

Certificate of Training: Magic Energies of Nature Reiki (May 2020)

Certificate of Completion: Reparent your Inner Child (December 2020)

Certificate of Completion: Writing your Masterpiece (Fiction, Memoir, and Novel Writing)     (April 2021)

Certificate of Completion: Soul Contract within The Akashic Records (June 2021)

Astrobutterfly.com Relationship Astrology non-certified course completed (May 2021)

Astrobutterfly.com Chiron your deepest wound your greatest gift  non-certified completed (May 2021)

Certifate of Completion Signs of Trafficking Course, Operation Underground Railroad. July 24 2021.

Certificate of Completion, Breaking Free from Addictions, Daily OM, October 29, 2021

Certified Transformation Coach, Udemy, December 17, 2021


Lead, Jamais the Same, Clermont Ferrand (1994-95)

Backup singer, Wheelings, Toulouse, (2010-2012)

Backup singer, Paint it Blues, Toulouse (2011-2013)

Lead, unnamed band, 6 months, Toulouse (spring 2014)

Lead, The Six Toys, Toulouse, (2014-2019)

Poet Lyricist, (1992- present) see my work on:



Self-Study and Influences:

Astrology, Numerology, Shamanism, Meyer Briggs, Tarot, Love Cards, Destiny Cards, Soul Types, Soul Wounds, Catharism, Goddess/Divine feminine, Twin flame, conscious conception, EFT, Healing Trauma, Narcissistic Manipulaters, Gardening, Oponopono, Violet Flame, Starseeds,

Christed energy, Mary Magdelene, non-violent communication, kinesiology, brains gym, consciousness levels map.

Matt Kahn, Teal Swan, David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispensa, Steiner, Alberto Villado, Debbi Ford, Aaron Abke, Reiki Rachel, Thich Nat Hahn, Krishnamurtie, Steve Noble

A Wounded Healers Medicine Bag:

My Life experiences that you may relate to:

Emotionally, absent, explosively violent, "Gemini" Father, who's a son of an alcoholic, abusive father.

Over-controlling “Leo” mother, daughter of alcoholic, who had an emotionally distant Father.

Sibling rivalry, labelled jealous of my sister who was born when I was 20 months.

Began babysitting at age 10, love babies and pregnant women.

Protested aerial spraying in 7th grade at a Town Hall Meeting.

Creative, hyperactive, over-achiever with no confidence in herself but dared anyway.

Worked as candy striper in ICU because I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

Class President 4 years in a row learned skills that I still use today.

Volunteered and Worked with Kids in Crisis.

Experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Went to a Highly competitive college.

Team Sports (NCAA, Division 1) Sports injuries/traumas.

Knowledge of date rape and suicide

Major clinical Depression- afraid of getting diseases

Went to an art school, studied film, psychology, acting.

Love Affaires with married men. Lesbian experience. Confronted the Taboo.

Work in film and Video in NY and LA. Worked with famous people.

Wanted to work with Madonna, dream accomplished.

Dancer/Singer/Performer/ Public Speaker.

Wrote poems, songs, kept journals.

Worked as a nude modal in a French art school.

Attempted homebirth in Water turned emergency c-section.

Size greater than dates, suspected twins, turned lack of H2O in amniotic sack, turned provoked suction birth, preemie at 36weeks.

Attempted natural birth, turn forceps, turn baby in distress, convulsing transfer to ICU, reanimation.

Uprooting, immigration to a foreign country, opposite journey of my ancestors

Learned another language and culture, double national.

Bought a fixer upper and lived on a worksite with young children

Married someone like my father, emotionally broken, absent, poor communicator, unimplicated parent.

Rejected by my mother for making choices she did not agree with, conditional love.

Writing lyrics, and producing a song

Hosted a “walk-in”, twin soul walk in

Led parent-baby/parent-child groups in US and France

Produced, wrote, directed a Samhain/Halloween Twilight Walk in a French Village.

Had several spiritual experiences, awakenings, out of body, lucid dreams

Relationships with a narcissist manipulator/pathological liar/alcoholic

Separated- Returned- then had another baby with husband, thinking a separation helped….

Divorced in France, took 4 years,

Divorce lawyers

Sang in 5 bands in France.

Single Parented my 3 kids and became primary financial supporter of my kids.

Mother tried to “legally” steal my daughter, betrayed by daughter, rejected by family of origin, cut off, rejected, gaslit…

Burnout; overload, psychological overload,

Discrimination by employer,

Harassment in workplace, and in a band.

Lawsuit labour Law

Ex husband never increasing alimony, physically abused my daughter.

Lawsuit Family Affairs Judge

Mechanic broke my car-Insurance lawsuit.

Quite familiar with the Legal System in France.

Soul wound: Theme of injustice reveals itself quite clearly, as well as rejection, betrayal

Sensation of Living someone else’s life

Healed Skin cancer naturally, confronted other diseases.

Aware of several past lives, because they revealed themselves.......


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

33 6 83 64 62 02 outside France 06 83 64 62 02 in France