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Ebook: English Tenses Diving Deep DIY

Ebook: English Tenses Diving Deep DIY




The Present and Past Simple and Continuous/Progressive, Perfect and Perfect Continuous/Progressive tenses in an in depth, interactive, multisensorial manner.


Lots of new vocabulary by reading and using it while you learn. Included are techniques, exercises, and templates to help use and remember more vocabulary. There are also pronunciation tips which will also enable you to increase your vocabulary.


A special feature of this eBook is the "common error alert". This feature allows you to become aware of a classical, common error that most to all ESL learners make. "You can't change what you're not aware of," this common error alert will "attack" your native language habit body before it habitually makes the error. ;)


For Teachers and Home schoolers, this eBook reads like a book but can also be seen as mini lesson plans. Natives, rediscover from a unique perspective the English language through the tenses.


  • Here's what people are saying - Testimonials

    With these few words, I want to testify to Marta's very operational teaching style during my English classes: a personal and pictorial approach that allows you to connect your brain directly into English without translating from French to English word for word. Marta works on emotions, dynamics, the meaning of conversations to adapt the good English tense.
    It's a pleasure to work with her: she adapts to your constraints and your desires for evolution. I wish her every success in the realization of her book which, I am convinced, will help everyone to better appropriate English tenses.

    B. Vattaire, Paris, France

    Thanks to Marta, I was able to master almost all the tenses in, she gave me pictures, and made drawings to represent the tenses which helped me a lot to understand the tenses with my visual memory. Also, when I was little with my friends, Marta made us play games, so we could learn while having fun. Marta adapts to each of us and we never get bored. A big thank you to Marta.

    R. Nouel, Middle School student, age 14, Toulouse, France


    Marta's classes are very creative, we can keep learning English while having fun. We do a lot of different activities and we love gossiping in English with her. We also learned to express ourselves and our opinions more naturally in English. It has also opened us more to the American culture, we celebrate thanksgiving together and share meaningful moments.

    Noémie and Ophelie C., Ages 15 and 12, High School and Middle School, Toulouse, France


    Marta is an excellent English teacher who puts all her energy into encouraging her students to dialogue and exchange in English, whatever their level. She encourages students to excel, to feel comfortable with the language and to adapt to each student. She encourages and pushes to give the best of oneself.

    Marta is also very creative, not hesitating to set up cooking workshops, manual activities, decorations, plays, songs, nursery rhymes, etc. with other students, all inspired by her American culture (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.). She is involved with the children and always puts her positive energy at their service. The children are delighted...

    L. Nouel, Father of Mathis, Roxane, and Alice, Toulouse, France


    Marta knows how to get us to appreciate improving our English level. I would simply say that I’ve felt the language for the first time thanks to your pedagogy and after 30 years of lessons / practice.

    More than a teacher, we’ve met a top woman with whom it’s a pleasure to share time and discussion.

    Anne Lorant, Belgium


    Learning a new language at the dawn of a well-deserved rest, it is not obvious and we doubt a lot. But that was without counting on my dynamic English teacher who, on the other hand, does not doubt !!!! Marta has the gift of transmitting to you her dynamism, her passion for her native language and her unfailing determination which forces you to surpass yourself. The desire to learn takes hold of you and what was just a huge puzzle gradually turns into a remarkable fresco.
    I don't know how far I will go in my learning of English, but Marta is amazing, she knows because she knows the path that will lead you to the final goal.
    Thank you Marta for your commitment and your strength of conviction.

    Bernard Pelofi, soon to be retired Director of Crédit Mutuel, France

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