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B4UBcome a Parent, B a Parent to You

Heal with inner soul child on a deep level & learn to (re)parent you.

  • 1 hour
  • €444 for 12 sessions
  • On Line session

Service Description

There are licences, permits, diplomas, certificates for all kinds of jobs and roles, yet, none whatsoever, to become a parent. Add on that unconscious, unresolved wounding is passed down multigenerationally, creating a feeling, even from a young age, that something is not right. Probably, the biggest problem in all this, is that hurt people hurt, creating psychical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse. Human, child sex trafficking is sadly and shockingly a world economy, and often, it is the child's own parent who sell the child or worse, children are used to produce babies and a very dark, abusive cycle continues. This is for those, who want to heal abuse in themselves, who want to be conscious parents to their inner child, outer children present or future, and be the healing they want to see in the world. Below gives an idea of the themes covered in the sessions: Session one: What brought you to be interested in this journey (what is offered) What do you feel is blocking you? Do you see recurring patterns in types of situations or types of people? How do you feel now? How do you intend to feel, what does that look, sound, smell, feel, move (dance like) Session 2: What do you know about your conception? Who are your parents? Session 3: How did your mother feel about being pregnant? What was her pregnancy with you like? Session 4: Your Birth: Did you have a “normal” birth? C-section? Forceps? Provocations? Suction? Was Dad or anyone else there? Session 5: Birth Map- astral chart- ascendant moon,venus, sun,Saturn aspects, to view image of mother/father archtypes, general gifts and challenges. Session 6: birth order, only child. If you had siblings, how did you feel about them? How has your relationship changed. Session 7: Fully process the above, go deeper, examine how the bully, victim, savior dynamic has become “normalized” due to our forgetting who we are (check for soul retrieval, extractions) Session 8 : early childhood traumas Session 9 : traumas in puberty, creating a rite of passage for your inner teen if you did not have one. What does it mean to become a man? A woman? Session 10: Consciously meeting the inner child and recognizing when he or she is in control, crying for attention. What is the role of the adult? Session 11: Forgiving and integration. Meditation to release what bind you to your past. Session 12: Extra in case extra time is needed in the others sessions.

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