Bridge Over River

 Faemist Soul Transformation Coaching

Guidance and Encouragement on your Path Towards the Destiny of your Dreams

Holistic Soul Based Approach

Supporting YOU for your Highest Good so YOU can CREATE Magic and Miracles in your Life

Rock Balancing
Jumping into the Water
Star Cluster
Sunset Sailboats

Transformation Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

Matrix Survival Guide Coaching for KIDS
Coaching aimed at empowering kids to stay connected to their inner guidance


Diving Deep

Deepening Your Committment to Your Healing Journey

with Shamanic and other Practices

Astrology and Card  Coaching

Use your soul map and
archtypes to guide your on
your life path


Coaching with English Language Expression. Translations. Lyricist.

Holistic English Language Coaching and learning, all ages. Translations with a speciality translating song lyrics by a native singer and interpret.

About Me

My life experience has filled my “energy” medicine bag with often heavy challenges that I’ve transmuted into consciousness and wisdom. I feel more than the multiple trainings, diplomas and certificates that I have, my varied life experience and  “wounded healer” energy is my forte in guiding others to finding peace within themselves which leads to their creating healing and more harmonious lives in whatever path they choose.

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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
White Butterfly

Mahatama Gandhi

“Be the change you that you want to see in the world”

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