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Marta N. Bukowski
Freelance Writer/Copywriter Services


Specializing in the Conscious/Holistic/ Spiritual Parenting and Education Niche, my diverse background, training, and work experience, especially as an English Teacher, where I learned and taught a lot about grammar, enables me to write grammatically correctly about a variety of topics if needed.

Digital Ads

Clever, Succinct, Sales

Website Copy/Translating French into English

Brings insights and innovation to website copy. AI has a place and will never replace the human touch in a service. 

Elargir votre publique, traduisez/corrigez votre contenu en Anglais

Sales Funnels/Mini ebooks

Help you increase sales of you product through eye grabbing and effective content and launch pages


Using awareness to create a connection, build trust, so your future client will commit

Poet Lyricist

Need some lyrics for your chords or melody? Voudriez-vous des paroles en anglais pour vos paroles en français?


About me as a Writer

:marta n. :bukowski

     I have my mother to thank for my love of writing. Although she didn't know at the time that I'm an INFJ, the rarest of the mbti personality type, she had a pretty good idea that there was a lot going on in my hyper-sensitive, "advanced-thinker" as my parents called me, introverted mind. At age 6, she got me my first diary, and encouraged me to write down my thoughts, feelings and at 6 years old, since my writing skills were still limited at that time, I used little weather icons for each dated entry and a couple of lines about my day. From that point, I've always had a diary or at least a notebook. I also wrote stories and drew pictures about a character I called Mr. Boo and his daughter, Cheesy.

     In my teen years in high school, I was class president for all 4 years. This was a surprise, since I was far from being the most popular, prettiest, smartest, most athletic. I guess the class of 86, had more confidence in me than I did at myself at the time. It was an incredible honor and gift because I got to practice writing agendas and giving speeches, writing scripts and doing the choreography for Variety show class acts, launching fundraising campaigns (my favorite that I invented was: send some "gum to your chum"), and re-election campaigns. This gave me an awesome foundation for many of the writing skills I have today.

   The next phase was learning a foreign language that opened perspectives, capacities to communicate, and learn more deeply about the French culture. That in turn, led to a bohemian phase where I sang in a French band, wrote lyrics or corrected their English in their lyrics, worked as a model in Beaux Arts University level art school while living in a small village in the mountains above Clermont-Ferrand with my french boyfriend who eventually became my husband.

   About 10 years later, after having moved back to the US for 7 years, now with 2, then a bit later 3 kids, this would become my English teaching years. I've lived by the motto: "You teach what you need to learn".  This phase gave me insights into my own language that I absorbed intuitively. Grammar was not at all emphasized as important in the American school system in the 70's, and 80's so indeed, I learned to teach combined with the Waldorf  Teacher training enabled me to develop a unique approach to teaching English. This learning of the English tenses, helping with presentations, CVs, cover letters, writing assignments, translations, retrained me to relearn English consciously and use reverse technology to help the French learn English. This has been a great preparation for improving my writing.

  My intention is to write about what I coach and coach about what I write.

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