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Soul Conscient Mothering-Fathering Begins Before Conception or even before then...

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

While researching different conscious and holistic parenting sites there seemed to be something missing that will be addressed shortly. Let’s first see how conscious and holistic parenting are being presented in other related blogs or articles.

Conscious Parenting has recently been made even more popular, positive, and practical by Dr. Sheffali who has books and trainings to support sometimes frustrated and concerned parents looking for other ways than authoritative, permissive, and negligent parenting styles.

Here is a summary of 11 conscious parenting tips in abridged form from

1.Speak to your children in a respectful way.

2. Manage your expectations.

3. Work on your own issues.

4. Consider creating a daily routine.

5. Keep your children’s ages in mind.

6. Treat your children as individuals.

7. Show empathy and compassion.

8. Teach your children by example.

9. Model healthy habits.

10. Give your children responsibilities.

11. Slow down

Holistic Parenting has similar ideas and does include mention of a spiritual aspect as well as seeing the child with her or his greater connection to the natural and limiting the seduction of the material/consumerist worlds in abridged form from

1. Make informed and educated parenting decisions.

2. Seek respectful and nurturing relationships with others.

3. Actively participate in our own healing process.

4. Balance and integrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects

of being into everyday life.

5. Teach our children to respect and care about the natural world.

6. Limit our children’s exposure to advertising, marketing, and consumer-driven culture.

7. Live more simply and consume less.

Although, these approaches are enormous improvements from past, culturally accepted, approaches to educating children, what’s missing is SOUL consciousness or what could be called “seeing souls” instead of people. Trust will be given that the conscient or holistic parent reading knows the difference between religion, which is of this world and exclusive, and spirituality which is universal and all inclusive.

Likewise, another missing element is the greater vision of who an infant or child or even we adults truly are as part of the human experience and our inter-connectedness to All That Is, Spirit, Source, Force, God or whatever name you choose to give the I AM Presence, it doesn’t matter. As the well-known saying by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin goes: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Today’s world with it’s rush towards Artificial Intelligence run everything, and a glamorization of low-vibe toxicity on every level, including an over identifying with ego-based “wokeness” which is this life’s persona and matrix construct, it seems our distant, yet innate knowing that we are divine beings is rapidly be squelched out of us by something diabolic, “do you what you will” attitude and agenda that are quite literally coming after the kids and breaking down the family structure as the film Sound of Freedom has brought to light.

Conscious and holistic parenting are vital and imperative to counteract this.

Life on planet earth can seem soulless and lifeless, to incoming souls carrying the future of humanity in them like fresh warriors on the spiritual battlefield to save the soul of humanity but better known as babies. But to be born to human life, they “died”, at least, to memory of their spiritual essence. Forgetting is part of the rules.

That being said, it is important to understand the origins and meanings of the words we employ quite simply to not be tricked or enchanted by words (which is why there is the use of mothering/fathering instead of parenting. The reason will be explained in another article). The definition of holistic is:

holistic adj.

1. Related to holism.

2. Relating to a study of the whole instead of a separation into parts. holistic - Wiktionary

This definition of seeing the entirety instead of the fragment must be from where the self-help and spiritual communities’ sense came. The collective understanding of “wholistic” or “holistic” is body, mind, heart-soul, and spirit seen as different expressions of the same wholeness.

Therefore, to holistically mother and father an incarnated (to come into flesh) being, their soul/spiritual bodies, aspects and life must be acknowledged as well as their physical ones in order to be truly “holistic”.

Similarly, the etymology of conscious is quite interesting:

Late 16th century in the sense of "aware of wrong doing".[1] From Latin cōnscius (“conscious, conscious of guilt”), itself from con- (a form of com- (“together”)) + scīre (“to know”) + -us. conscious - Wiktionary

Most likely, when it’s aligned with parenting, conscious as an adjective means:

1. Aware of, sensitive to; observing and noticing or being strongly interested in or concerned about.

2. Deliberate, intentional, done with awareness of what one is doing.

So then, what is a conscious parent conscience of?

The word conscious or aware comes from consciousness, or the state of being conscious or having consciousness.

What is consciousness, and is it the same as soul?

According to the research concerning whether there is a difference between consciousness and soul, it’s unanimous that there cannot be consciousness without the soul, the consciousness is part of the soul:

“A soul is incorporeal or ‘unborn essence’ of a living being. In Sanskrit, soul is termed “Ajan” or ‘unborn’ and therefore it is not subjected to birth or death like any living body which is made out of “Pancha boothas” or ‘five elements’ and goes back to them when decay/death occurs for recycling. That which propels a body is called “Jiva” in Sanskrit and Soul essentially contains this self-propelling attribute. The Rishis of ancient India called it “Conscious Energy” which has ‘self-awareness’ to know ‘the true nature of things.’ This therefore is another attribute of this ‘propelling energy.’

Soul is a complete ‘engine’ that propels life whereas consciousness is an integral part of that engine. When one sees it as separate entities, they look separate whereas it is ‘One!’ Soul (Atman) according to Advaida Philosophy (Non-dualism) of Adi Sankara represents “Brahm” where the Cosmos resides to “create” all that we see in our world.”, founder and director of Integrated Technologies

As with holistic mothering-fathering, conscious mothering-fathering must also include awareness and recognition that a baby, a child is an incarnating SOUL with a consciousness that existed before and will continue to exist beyond this life experience.

What we call consciousness or mind cannot be removed from SOUL. Being conscious and consciousness cannot exist without acknowledging that is an integral part of the SOUL. So perhaps, a better term for holistic and conscious mothering and fathering is SOUL CONSCIENT MOTHERING AND FATHERING.

This awareness of and being sensitive to the undeniability that each of us, each baby is an incarnating SOUL allows for an entirely other perspective on some of the mundane getting a child to sleep, what’s best to eat or not, and reducing exposure to the materialistic world that holistic and conscious parenting focus on. Physical life for the SOUL is simply one of infinite possibilities kind of “playground” for learning and evolving in the Cosmos.

Indeed, we have been cut off from a lot of truths hidden from us in plain sight because psychology today is considered “MENTLE HEALTH” instead of the true origin of the word which is study of the SOUL or SOUL HEALTH. (The word psychology derives from the Greek word psyche, for spirit or soul. The latter part of the word psychology derives from -λογία -logia, which means "study" or "research")Psychology - Wikipedia.

It's imaginable, depending on your where you are personally on your own soul-spiritual journey, that this SOUL CONSCIENT perspective on parenting and life in general could either trigger you or reassure you. Regardless, here are some “practical” steps that you could take to become a SOUL CONSCIENT mother and father to your child both the inner one and outer one:

1. If you are not already, find a way that is individual to you to connect to the spiritual, invisible world of All that is. If you feel resistance to that or are atheist, connect in a profond way to Nature and practice allowing and surrendering. Understanding and working with NATURAL LAW and UNIVERSAL LAWS are good approaches to spirituality for those with LEFT brain tendencies. Ask to be shown the way that’s right for you to connect with Spirit.

2. The greatest gift you can give yourself and your child/children is work on yourself. Heal and work on your BIRTH TRAUMA, MOTHER WOUND, FATHER WOUND, past relationships and other relationships.

3. HEAL the SOUL WOUNDS of Rejection, Abandon, Betrayal, Humiliation, and Injustice. EMDR and EFT tapping technique may be useful.

4. Do Family Constellations or connect with a shaman to understand and work on ANCESTRAL WOUNDING and heal that before conceiving.

5. Before conception if you’re planning to have a baby, and even if a second or third, etc., do the above work BEFORE you conceive.

6. Become familiar with your, your partner’s, your children’s astrological chart. An astrological chart is a SOUL MAP for a lifetime and includes references to past life challenges, gifts, karma, fate, and destiny. Sites like, available in multiple languages, make it easy to have interpretation.

7. Connect consciously through prayer, meditation, and intentional telepathy to communicate with the soul preconception and be open to signs around you, in you and in your dreams.


9. With the due date, you can already get an idea of your baby’s soul intention for this life’s experience through the possible Astro chart. You won’t know some of the smaller planets, yet which are the most important. That may help you to connect with your unborn child more deeply. (Use an Ephemeris)

10. Pray, meditate, and breathe consciously. Teach your children to do the same. Journal and record your dreams.

It no longer serves humanity to ignore the elephant in the room, SOUL and a primordial, spiritual connection to ALL THAT IS. A study of cross-cultural history and even prehistory show with evidence the importance of a higher power and humanity’s deep connection to the spiritual world. Our ancestors clearly made it a necessary connection in everyday life, this beyond any organized religion.

Besides that, there appears to be some technological improvements that give the appearance that we are “connected” but to what and to whom? Artificial Intelligence is void of SOUL, and the more we “plug into” it, the further we stray from our spiritual origins. If there are wars, famine, disease, inequality, slavery, division to keep us in lower vibrational frequencies, have we become more whole and conscious as a humanity really? Has consciousness really evolved all that much?

Heal our ancestral wounding, this vicious cycle of suffering of doing the same thing and hoping for a different result like a hamster on a karmic wheel has got to end along with giving our power away to external forces that manipulate us from lies. That end will only end when we reconnect to Spirit through our individual souls, and the guide the SOULS entrusted to us as our children through SOUL CONSCIOUS mothering and fathering.

Marta Bukowski / MN Bukowski writes, coaches, creates

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